National Strategy and / or Action Plan

The National Strategy is one of the key components of REDD+ and brings together all the different components including a financing plan.

What is an NS/AP?
NS/APs in the UNFCCC

As discussed in Module 2: Understanding REDD+ and the UNFCCC, the NS/AP is one of the four design elements which have been agreed internationally as prerequisites for REDD+ implementation and to access Results-Based Payments (RBP) (Decision 1/ CP.16, paragraph 71(a)), in accordance with Decisions 12/CP.17 and 11/CP.19). Figure 4.1 presents these four elements.

REDD+ NS/APsdescribehowemissionswillbereducedand/orhowforestcarbonstocks will be enhanced, conserved and/or sustainably managed in the implementation of REDD+ . NS/APs are integrative products of and processes of the readiness phase , drawing from all the analytical work, stakeholders’ dialogue and strategic decisions made to prepare an effective and efficient implementation of REDD+ (phase 2).



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Source: UN-REDD Programme

  • There are no detailed prescriptions in the UNFCC decision texts regarding the actual content of a NS/AP and there is no template to
  • Contrary to Forest Reference (Emission) Levels (FREL/FRLs), there is no requirement for a technical assessment or any kind of endorsement from the

The Warsaw Framework only recalls the necessity of a  NS/  AP for REDD+ and requests countries to post a link to their NS/AP on the Information Hub of the UNFCCC REDD+ Web Platform in order to be able    to receive RBPs (Decision 11/CP.19).

Nonetheless, paragraph 72 of Decision 1/CP.16 indicates that when developing (phase 1) and implementing (phase 2) their NS/AP, Parties are requested to address:

  • Drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Land tenure issues;
  • Forest governance issues;
  • Gender considerations;
  • Cancun REDD+ Safeguards;
  • Ensuring full and effective participation of relevant stakeholders, , ethnic groups, indigenous peoples and local

Also, paragraph 1 of Appendix 1 of 1/CP.16 sets out general guidance that should be followed when implementing REDD+ activities, and should therefore be kept in mind while developing a NS/AP:

The 5 REDD+ activities should:

  • Contribute to stabilizing GHG emissions;
  • Be country-driven;
  • Be consistent with the objective of environmental integrity and take into account the multiple functions of forests and other ecosystems;
  • Be undertaken in accordance with national development priorities, objectives and circumstances and capabilities and should respect sovereignty;
  • Be consistent with national sustainable development needs and goals;
  • Be implemented in the context of sustainable development and reducing poverty, while responding to climate change;
  • Be consistent with the adaptation needs of the country;
  • Be supported by adequate and predictable financial and technology support, including support for capacity-building;

Be results-based;Promote sustainable management of forests.