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Planning civil society inputs to Mongolia’s REDD+ program – REDD+ Mongolia National Programme

Planning civil society inputs to Mongolia’s REDD+ program

The civil society forum called the Forest and Sustainable Development Council met on 25th and 26th January to develop the next years inputs to the REDD+ program. The council was established in 2016 and includes members from Civil society organizations and NGO’s representing forest user groups, private sector, ethnic minority and community groups.

The Council has undertaken a number of capacity building events in 2017 and provided input to development of policies and measures, awareness raising at local level and contribution to numerous stakeholder workshops. The aim in 2018 will be to provide further input towards the National REDD+ Strategy, Aimag plans and build capacity of their members. It is also expected that this year can culminate in a sustainable forum that can continue after the UN-REDD program finishes in 2018, and that they will provide substantive inputs to the implementation of the REDD+ strategy.


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