National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS)

When establishing NFMS, countries should, where possible, build on existing systems to make effective use of resources. The NFMS system contains two functions, measurement and monitoring. Measurement function will be housed under the Forest Research and Development Center (FRDC) which is the government mandated agency for compiling forest inventory data and updating annual national forest resource report.Monitoring function will be housed under the Environmental Information Center (EIC) which is mandated for collating all environmental related data including forest annual changes that reported through standardized table. These tables are called as forest information. Both institutions have an existing system that is partially comply with IPCC requirements which are transparent and consistent. From the Mongolian National UN-REDD Programme, we are planning to give support on issues that lacks to meet with the IPCC requirements. For, instance translating the pages into bilingual and updating web portals that has no information.

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