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“Forestry database administration” training for forest specialists and engineers – REDD+ Mongolia National Programme

“Forestry database administration” training for forest specialists and engineers

Forest policy and coordination department of the MET, the Mongolian national UN-REDD programme implementation unit and the Information and Research Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Environment jointly organized the “Forestry database administration” training for forest unit  specialists from April 23 to May 4, 2018.

The training will attended by in total of 60 soum and inter-soum forestry experts.

During the training, we will introduce the Environmental and Forest database and, then we demonstrated data entering and practical sessions for OM 1-7 forms in Forest Resource database, Reforestation, Forest & Steppe Fire, Forest Insect Database.

We will also cover basic concepts of geographical information system, installation of QGIS2.18 and using its toolbars, how to insert geographical data and create a forest and other thematic map, how to use scanned images, create new geographical data and prepare them to insert a database etc. Because Forest database contains geographical data.

Participants not only provided with knowledge about forest databases and GIS in addition we will cover how to prepare data using office programs, modifying the format, modifying image files, search satellite data from the internet which will improve forest specialists capacity in local organizations.

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