Conference of the Parties Decisions

Introduction: In order to develop and implement a national REDD+ programme in Myanmar, it is essential that policy makers and other stakeholders are aware of the key UNFCCC decisions on REDD+.

This booklet was first developed by the REDD+ Programme in Cambodia in 2014 and has now been updated by the REDD+ Programme in Myanmar and contains all the key UNFCCC decisions from COP-13, in Bali in 2007 to COP-21, in Paris in 2015.

For each decision, the UNFCCC text is provided, together with a brief interpretation of the text to facilitate comprehension of the Convention text, which can often be confusing for those not intimately involved in its negotiation.

These summaries focus only on the parts of the decision texts where countries are asked to undertake particular actions or follow particular guidance. It is therefore not possible to find every paragraph from the decision texts reflected in these summaries.

For example, many decisions have a reference to the importance of the mitigation contribution from REDD+, the potential co-benefits and the need for adequate and predictable support provided.

This is important, but unless there is guidance or a request reflected in the decisions text, they are not included in these summaries. It is always advisable to consult the original decision texts when working on REDD+.

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