Private Sector

8.1 Develop technical guidelines for tree planting, restoration and monitoring
8.2 Implement a program of capacity building for soum, enterprises and Forest User Groups in forest restoration techniques
8.3 Implement a program of certified genetically diverse seed stands in various ecoregions/climatic zones to increase the resilience of seed stocks to climate change
8.4 Development of a forest restoration strategy and identification of grazing / livestock pressure zones
8.5 Establish increased planting cost-norms and performance-based incentives and penalties for tree planting by enterprises, forest user groups and management units
8.6 Develop enhanced financial models and incentives for forest planting and nursery enterprises
8.7 Improve local planning and community-based agreements for tree planting and livestock management regimes in areas of high grazing intensity
8.8 Carry out natural regeneration and/or planting of native tree species, in degraded forest or poorly stocked forest areas, especially in areas of high ecosystem service provision
8.9 Develop and implement agroforestry models for ecosystem protection and income generation
8.10 Implement land degradation and restoration schemes in mining areas
8.11 Support private sector entities, nurseries and enterprises to develop improved seedling containerised seedling stock
8.12 Implementation of strategies and regimes for reduced grazing pressure in degraded forest and restoration zones including rotational grazing, community grazing strategies and performance-based restoration
8.13 Implementation of strategies and regimes for improved hay making in restoration zones
8.14 Improved pastureland and livestock value chains for local herder groups in hotspot grazing areas

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