Mongolia has submitted modified version of Forest Reference Level to the UNFCCC

Mongolia has recently submitted the modified Forest Reference Level (FRL) report to the UNFCCC after first submission in January 2018. The initial FRL report went through the technical assessment process that helps countries to identify methodological errors and provides an opportunity to modify the report one more time.

The modified FRL report contains four carbon pools (excluding soil carbon). Additionally, Mongolia has calculated annual carbon accumulation due to natural growth using IPCC default value.

The annual average net reference emissions and removals (2005-2015) are 3,477,384 tCO2e, without considering natural growth on forest land remaining forest land, and –29,158,201 tCO2e, when including natural growth on forest land remaining forest land (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Mongolia’s annual CO2 emissions from various change areas and removals through natural growth during 2005-2015.

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