Ice Age! Global Warming at Minus 25 degrees in Mongolia You Got to be Joking!!

When I leave for the office at minus 25 degrees in the morning, treading carefully across the icy pavement, I often dream of global warming and sunny beaches. But its true warming here is 3 times above the global average, affecting precipitation, permafrost and its doesn’t take a genius to predict that forest fire risk will increase. The global warming also results in extreme winters, and when not enough grazing, livestock turn to forests or any available fodder. Planting trees in this environment is difficult, not only a short growing season but faced by drought, fire and nibbling from hungry cashmere goats. But all is not lost, the REDD+ program is developing strategies to help for enhanced forest regeneration and tree planting, so from one small seed we can make Mongolia’s future greener.


REDD+ Vision: Building climate resilient forest ecosystems, livelihoods and a sustainable economy for a greener future

One seed at a time……..

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