Forest sector financing flows and economic values in Mongolia


The report was authored by Lucy Emerton and Enkhtsetseg Bat-ochir. It relied on support, information and ideas from many individuals, although any errors remain those of the authors alone.
Dr Bunchingiv Bazartseren of UNDP Mongolia Country Office and Mr Akihito Kono of UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre coordinated and managed the study, and provided helpful insights and suggestions on its content. Dr Erdenesaikhan Saidansuren of Environ LLC assisted greatly as a resource person for the training seminar on ecosystem valuation, and kindly assisted with the translation into Mongolian of some of the more technical environmental economics terminology. Thanks are also due for the excellent logistical and administrative support provided by UNDP Mongolia and Asia-Pacific Regional Centre during the two missions.
The authors are grateful for the guidance provided by Mr. Ts. Banzragch of the Division of Coordination of Forest Conservation and Reforestation, and for his overall support and encouragement. Many individuals assisted by providing information, without which it would not have been possible to carry out the study. Particular thanks are due to Mr. Gantulga of the Department of Policy Implementation and Ms. Tsetsgee of the Finance and Investment Division of the Ministry of Environment & Green Development, Ms Badamtsetse of the National Statistical Office, Ms Narangerel of the Ministry of Finance, Mr Galsandorj of the Ministry of Economic Development, Mr Gankhuyag of the Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography, and the staff of the Division of River Basin Management. Their generosity in sharing ideas and data is much appreciated. Last but not least, participants at the training seminar on ecosystem valuation and the validation workshop on understanding the economic value of land-use sectors and related public financing flows provided extremely useful feedback on the preliminary findings and conclusions of the study, and made numerous suggestions for improvement.

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