Exploring Cooperation Opportunities for Joint Management between Forest User Group and Private Sector as part of National Strategy Development

Sustainable Forest Management and controlled harvesting offers a considerable opportunity to provide economic opportunities from forests. It supports enterprise and livelihood development, and ensures that forests are resilient to fire and pests. This is achieved through ensuring there is not competition for resources, such as water and light.  Forest User Groups are a key factor in management of over 3 million hectares of forest estate, supporting livelihoods of 120 groups, and maintaining forests which provides vital ecosystem services, such as non-timber forest products, water and permafrost protection.

The workshop offers opportunity for private sector companies and community members to present problems and constraints and to decide on opportunities for cooperation and solutions for improved management in Mongolia. Civil society input is an important part of the stakeholder consultation process, and Mongolia is leading the way, in ensuring local stakeholders inputs are included in the strategy.

The workshop was organized under the REDD+ Mongolia’s civil society platform called the Forest and Sustainable Development Council. This was established to provide input to the development of policies and measures, and ensure local stakeholder and communities viewpoints are considered. The Council has provided considerable input towards development of  the national REDD+ strategy and currently has over 18 representatives of organizations. A REDD+ strategy will be developed which aims to reduce forests degradation, enhance forests resources and provide economic opportunities for Forest User Groups and Enterprises as part of Mongolia’s sustainable development goals.

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