Back to Basics with Basic REDD+ Training: Building Knowledge; Building Capacity; Building Support

The REDD+ Mongolia program has been conducting training of trainer’s course on Basic REDD+ and Training skills for 40 future trainers from provinces and civil society. The training was conducted by UN-REDD and trainers from University of Science and Technology and consisted of delivering a simple curriculum which can be transferred to soum level staff and members of the REDD+ Civil Society Forum.  The trainees will train local people to facilitate later discussions on development of provincial planning and development of the National Strategy. Certificates of attendance were presented also on the eve of the Ministry of Environment’s 30 year celebrations. Ms. Enkhjargal, Capacity Building and Safeguard Officer, said that the training is a fantastic opportunity for local staff and key forest extension officers to learn about REDD+ and will contribute to greater input towards improved forest management.

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